Web Hosting & Domain Registration Services

Web Hosting

ZinZang Studio provides reliable, cost-efficient and secure hosting solutions for our clients. Since we host multiple domain packages, our costs are kept at nominal rates, which allow us to pass the savings on to our clients. In addition to providing inexpensive hosting options, we are able to provide our clients with 24/7 technical support.

ZinZang Studio’s web hosting service provides worry-free, interactive, feature-rich, dependable, and secure hosting databases. We also offer dedicated hosting options, if preferred over shared hosting.

We have two web hosting service plans:

  • Managed Web Hosting – allows a certain number of dedicated annual service hours for minor edits, updates, and revisions to your website. (It’s like getting free web hosting with the service plan.)
  • Unmanaged Web Hosting – we provide the web space, and then turn the keys over to you.  Click here for more information about DIY (do it yourself)/unmanaged web hosting and domain registration.

ZinZang Studio can provide cPanel, ColdFusion, ASP.NET/ASP, Linux, Railo, and Windows Hosting.

Need help changing your nameservers at GoDaddy? Click here.

Domain Registration

ZinZang Studio can help you create, research, and register your domain name (or multiple domains).

When ZinZang Studio registers a domain name on a client’s behalf, we ensure the client is listed as the registrant, so there is no question about who owns the domain.  ZinZang Studio will act as your administrative, technical, and billing contact.

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Brand Marketing Services

In order to set your business apart, a comprehensive, coherent, and unique design vision must be conveyed to your potential clients and/or business partners. Maintaining a professional, unique design with concise and targeted textual content is also the best way to create a positive lasting impression and build a solid marketable reputation.

ZinZang Studio blends creative vision with knowledge of the most current technology to provide our clients with the best and most comprehensive brand marketing services possible. Our brand identity and marketing services include:

Competition, differentiation, market-positioning, audience profiles are just a few of the topics that must be researched in order to design an effective brand identity and marketing campaign.  We work closely with clients to accurately and creatively assist with executing these essential brand marketing components.

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ZinZang Studio is proud to announce that we have the capability to produce high-quality videos (complete from shooting, editing, audio/score, 3D modeling).

We can take your video project from concept to reality, even with a limited budget.

Here is one example, we will be adding more soon, so check back to see the latest: