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Graphic Design Process

At ZinZang Studio, LLC we have developed a process by which we plan, design, and produce a graphic design.

Initial Consultation

This will usually occur at your place of business and may take approximately a half hour. This meeting will establish a starting point for the client’s goals and objectives. We will answer any questions you have, to allow you to decide whether you want to go to the next step.

Design Proposal & Signing of Agreement

At this point, it would be suggested that the client fill out our New Client Information Form for Graphic Design, which can be filled out online and submitted to ZinZang Studio. This step will include the estimated pricing of the design plan and ensure there is no wasted time creating ideas that are not suitable for the client. ZinZang Studio, LLC will spend more time gathering information on the client for the project, so that the designer can focus attention on the areas that best serve the client and ensure their happiness with the final design result. 50% of the total estimated cost is due upon signing of the ZinZang Studio, LLC Client Agreement.

Research & Brainstorming

In coming up with the most effective design strategy, ZinZang Studio will consider the following aspects of the client’s business:

  • Business plan
  • Current branding
  • History
  • Target market
  • Competitors
  • Market differentiation
  • Market trends

Sketching & Design Prototype

At this point in the process, ZinZang Studio begins to develop ideas for the graphic design. ZinZang Studio will produce 3-5 variations of the design with a focused effort on the correct solution for the client.

Submission & Review

ZinZang Studio will submit a PDF version of the designs created in their various forms to the client for review. These submissions will include a synopsis of why the design will work for the client and specify the design details (i.e. typefaces, colors, etc.). Once the client has reviewed the submitted work, it would be beneficial for both parties to discuss any changes that are required.

Polishing & Final Touches

At this step, the design will either be finalized or revisions will be made based on the client’s requirements. Once the design has been completed, the final submission will be made via a PDF to the client.

File Creation & Delivery

A vector and bitmap version of the design will be supplied to the client for future use. The balance of the graphic design fee is due at this time. ZinZang Studio’s customer service does not end with the final payment. We welcome the opportunity to do any additional work for our clients and would like to hear about the results of the design we created for you.