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Logo Design

A well-designed, unique logo or wordmark is your business’s identity to the world. Six major components a well-designed logo should include:

  • Consistency – Reflects your business (philosophy/slogan/tagline) and is incorporated into the design plan
  • Memorability – Stays at the forefront of potential customers, clients, and partners minds (easily recognizable as your business from the mere visual)
  • Meaningfulness – Send the message by spreading your businesses distinguishing characteristics
  • Uniqueness – Stand apart from your competitors
  • Professionalism – Convey business presence as qualified and trusted
  • Timelessness – Invest in enduring quality of your business

ZinZang Studio strives to achieve all of these components in our logo designs.

What you can expect from us

Fully scalable (resizable) vector version of your final logo design choice in CMYK and RGB.

  • full color
  • black and white
  • dark on light
  • light on dark

Files acceptable for web (ppi) and print (dpi).

Ready to get started with your new logo? Please fill out our New Client – Graphic Design Services form or give us a call at 804-557-0017.