Pay-per-click (PPC) Ad Campaigns

Q. Why Should I Invest in a Pay-Per-Click Campaign (PPC)?

A. To Maximize Website Traffic

Flexibility & Confidence

Your ZinZang Studio PPC Management Account can be set-up with monthly or annually recurring charges, or on a one-time basis. ZinZang Studio actively administers and manages PPCs via the largest worldwide search engine Google and their affiliated partners (e.g. AOL,, Earthlink,, etc.). While Google is our preferred PPC search engine, ZinZang Studio can provide PPC campaigns via any client requested PPC provider (e.g. Microsoft adCenter/Yahoo! Search Marketing/Bing, etc.).

ZinZang Studio offers you complete confidence knowing that you can adjust your total monthly spending, key phrases, search terms and even your ad copy at any time for a targeted marketing approach. You can rest easy knowing that there is no malicious clicking by competitors or disruptive parties, since your PPC campaign is actively monitored by ZinZang Studio.

There is a one-time minimum account set-up fee. With ZinZang Studio PPC Management you determine the amount you spend each month, so you’ll never get in over your head or over your budget.

Immediate Results

Your ZinZang Studio PPC campaign will be launched within seven working days. While SEO (search engine optimization) is a long term process, your PPC ads will be up and running in less than a week.

Target Your Market & Website Traffic

Whether international, national or regional, ZinZang Studio targets your PPC campaign to exactly the geographic area you serve. In other words, if you are an auto body shop in Virginia, there’s no wasted international or national advertising.

PPC ads are small text ads that appear at the very top alongside the main results of search engines such as Google. Search Engines only charge advertisers when their ads are clicked, and potential customers are directed to specific web pages (targeted landing page). PPC ads operate on a system where bid prices along with several other factors, determine the cost and order of ads. Advertisers bid on keyword phrases (specific string of words) like “Richmond lawyer” or “Italian restaurant in Virginia Beach.” These phrases are the variables which determine what the price of the ad space is currently.

Relatively Low Cost

When compared to traditional advertising, PPC puts you on equal footing with large corporations at relatively low costs. When your prospects click on a pay-per-click ad, they have no way of knowing your business is a Fortune 500 company, or a new local business. PPC only costs you money when someone actually clicks your ad, confirming they are indeed interested in the products and/or services detailed in your ads.

Expert Keyword & Phrases Research

ZinZang Studio will conduct keyword research to find keywords people use when looking for your products or services. We will then set up ads, individually tailored to match specific key phrases, and direct them to the most relevant page of your website. In some cases, it will be necessary to redesign or add an additional targeted landing page, specifically for your PPC.

Customized Ad Copy & Landing Pages

Compelling ads will be written to encourage targeted clicks, and communicate your company’s unique value. Each ad will be targeted to match the search terms users are inputting, rather than boilerplate ads. When a user clicks your PPC ad’s link, they will go to a customized landing page with a specific call-to-action,

Active Bid Management

Your ads will be written, targeted and optimized for Google’s Quality Score. Having optimized ads means you’ll pay less per click than your competitors, and your ads will rank above the competition.

Your ads will be monitored to ensure your bids are high enough to bring in traffic, but not so high that you’re wasting money. We can also adjust bids per your request, to direct your site traffic where you would like it to go.

Conversion Tracking & Analytics

For those with online lead forms or shopping carts, a tracking code will be inserted into your website. With it, you’ll be able to tell which ads visitors have clicked on, which keywords they typed in, their location, and a host of other information, enabling you to see which ads and keywords are producing results. Tracking can be set up to determine a lead, define a sale and even determine profit on a sale.

Contact ZinZang Studio today to find out more about our effective and competitive pay-per-click ad campaigns.