Website Design & Development Process

All of the websites that ZinZang Studio creates or enhances are designed with the ultimate web presence in mind.

ZinZang Studio has produced a tested and detailed Website Design & Development Process outlining the steps we take in the creation of a website.   Below is the basic procedure we have developed by which we plan, design, and produce a web site.

The Initial Consultation

This will usually occur at your place of business and may take approximately an hour. This meeting will establish a starting point for what the client goals and objectives are for their web site or other design needs. We will answer any questions you have, to allow you to decide whether you want to go to the next step. In lieu of an in person appointment, you may also fill out our New Client – Website Design & Development form, so we get to know a little bit about your needs.

Detailed Estimate Proposal

This step will include the estimated pricing of the design plan. ZinZang Studio, LLC will spend more time gathering information on the client for the project.

Signing of Agreement (Down payment/Retainer due)

ZinZang Studio, LLC prepares an estimate including a detailed description of the planned web site or other design, and a cost estimate. 50% of the total estimated cost is due upon signing of the ZinZang Studio, LLC Client Agreement and Web Hosting Agreement (if applicable).

Midway through the project, another 25% of the projected estimate will be due.

Content Research

Text and graphic content must be gathered before most work can begin on the site. ZinZang Studio, LLC will assist you in pulling together the text, logo, graphics, and photographs needed for the site, but it’s important to be aware that a web site project does require involvement on your part.

Draft Design of Site Structure & Dynamic Applications

While you’re gathering content, ZinZang Studio, LLC will finalize detailed plans for the site structure (the way information is arranged and how navigation will work) as well as for any dynamic (database-driven) applications. Work on databases and data-driven pages can often begin during the content-gathering phase as well.

Page Layout Drafts

Next, page layout and visual design begins. The site’s Main Page is designed first. ZinZang Studio, LLC produces a draft based upon the content, needs, and preferences provided, and uploads this site to a private location on the Internet where the client can view it. The client’s feedback is solicited, and this feedback used to produce a second draft. Once more, client feedback is used to make another round of changes, and these changes are expected to produce a final draft. The same process is used for any other page designs required for the site. At the point estimated to be the halfway point of the project, ZinZang Studio will invoice you for the second payment and provide a list of work completed.

Page Creation

The approved page designs are now used as templates. Text and graphic content is “plugged in” and adjusted for a perfect layout. Dynamic page code is added to page templates.

Search Engine Optimization & Positioning

The process of ensuring that a web site’s URL appears prominently when users search on related terms is referred to as search engine positioning. On all of our web sites, we include code helpful in this effort, and will submit the finished site’s URL to the major free search engines. Search engine placement is highly competitive, and in order to be “ranked well” for your chosen keywords in the major search engines, we will need you to provide as much information as you can.

Final Site Testing

The site is thoroughly tested on the actual server. You’ll have another chance to review it for any minor changes or corrections, and ZinZang Studio tests the pages on numerous browsers, on different platforms, and at different browser window sizes and resolution settings, correcting any remaining errors. If a domain name needs to be pointed to the new site, this is usually done at this time, and the site is “live”. ZinZang Studio submits the site to about 5-6 major free search engines.

Site Launch

Proposal requirements have been met, and payment balance is due.