Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

All websites created by ZinZang Studio are constructed from the ground up with basic SEO in mind, which means you can be assured that search engines will find your website.  We can offer advanced SEO services including PPC (pay-per click) campaigns, monthly management of keywords, and directory listing services.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, consists of strategic decisions regarding the code and content of your website to improve the natural search engine results. The natural search engine rankings are primarily based on the website’s behind-the-scenes construction and is the source of how search engines find and rank sites according to specific search terms by an end-user.

Some other factors in determining a website’s natural ranking include:

  • Duration of web presence
  • Relevant page content (end-users finding useful information at your site)
  • Other sites linking to your site
  • Frequently changing content
  • Compliance with Internet standards

Keyword Phrases and Search Terms

List of keywords and phrases based upon the expected target audiences search behavior.  Understanding your audience is crucial to this process.


Create targeted pages with specific keyword phrasing to increase exposure within search engines.


The relevancy of the content of the site’s page impacts the readable content, so that it can be found by Internet spiders, visitors find the content they are looking for by browsing your site, and validation that the end user has found your site because content is relevant to their search, thereby increasing the likelihood of the user becoming a prospect.


Add your business to major search engines and directories, and ZinZang Studio can make recommendations regarding paid submissions and listing, which can assist you with reaching your audience.


At the onset of paid SEO submissions and listings, ZinZang Studio will closely monitor the campaign and make adjustments to the code and site content based on user information.

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