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What Page of Search Are You On? screencap

ED: I guess we'll never know. /sarc :) The site this post used to link to hasn't worked for several months, and they haven't returned emails. Links removed.

Normally when you do a Google search, the results can be influenced by the geographic location of your IP address, previous searches, and other web browsing history. Ever want to know what page of search your website appears on to most everyone else? Now you can find out by using

Enter your desired search keywords and the URL of your domain, and What Page of Search Am I On? will search the first 10 pages of results. If the domain you entered appears within the first 10 pages, the search will stop and highlight the top-ranking result for your domain. Very helpful!

A caveat: This tool does not currently include results culled from Google Maps. Therefore, if your keywords include city or state names, your domain may actually have a higher rank than is shown in these results.