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Website Update: Buster’s Country Roadhouse

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We just finished some major updates to the website for Buster’s Country Roadhouse, a restaurant in Providence Forge, VA.

Some new features:

  • Customized WordPress installation and theme
  • 14 New pages
  • Full integration of website’s posting and comments functions with Buster’s Facebook account
  • Facebook Like buttons on every page
  • Automatic, nightly backups of the entire website’s files and databases
  • Automatic sitemap updates whenever changes are made to the site
  • Social network sharing buttons on each page and post
  • Automatic notification sent to Google, Bing, and about any site changes

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Ongoing Results

2 days later, and there are now 4 more pages in Google’s index for There are 18 total pages in Buster’s sitemap, and I expect those to be indexed within the next week.

The count is now up to 16 pages in the index.