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Complete Customer Service

Long gone are the days when complete and consistent customer services only included staying in touch with clients via phone, mail and in person. These days even small businesses benefit from adding email campaigns, E-newsletters, blogs, instant chat features and other self-service web-based applications. Your web site is a 24/7/365 storefront that should work for you and your customers, even if you are off the clock.

3 Important Tips for Seamless & Consistent Customer Service

1. Design matters

A good design should be both aesthetically pleasing and fully functional.  All websites created and developed by ZinZang Studio are produced with both criteria in mind and are fully compliant with web standards. Adding features to your website enhances customer usability, reduces strain on your staff, and results in a well-rounded service experience.

2. Frontline staff

Your frontline staff is an invaluable resource for identifying the needs of your clients, customers, and patrons. Utilize this resource by having them think about and answer – “what questions are constantly being asked?”, “what do clients, customers, and patrons complain about?”, “do clients, customers, and patrons ask to get particular services in an alternate way?”.  Finding the answers to these questions and coming up with an innovative solutions can greatly increase your all-around customer service.  You may want to consider adding a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page to your website to answer those questions when you aren’t in the office.

3. Listening

Consider your customer experience as a work in progress by welcoming client, customer, and patron feedback.  You may want to consider providing a customer satisfaction survey as a hard-copy in your lobby, and an interactive PDF online.  This will assist you in determining where you should focus your attention for customer service improvement.