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What Page of Search Are You On? screencap

ED: I guess we'll never know. /sarc :) The site this post used to link to hasn't worked for several months, and they haven't returned emails. Links removed.

Normally when you do a Google search, the results can be influenced by the geographic location of your IP address, previous searches, and other web browsing history. Ever want to know what page of search your website appears on to most everyone else? Now you can find out by using

Enter your desired search keywords and the URL of your domain, and What Page of Search Am I On? will search the first 10 pages of results. If the domain you entered appears within the first 10 pages, the search will stop and highlight the top-ranking result for your domain. Very helpful!

A caveat: This tool does not currently include results culled from Google Maps. Therefore, if your keywords include city or state names, your domain may actually have a higher rank than is shown in these results.

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Writers Group’s First Book Publication

Tapestry in Words

A short time ago, we had the privilege of assisting the members of the Cercle de Plume with publishing their first collection of writings, Tapestry in Words. The content of the book is from a presentation they participated in March, 2011. The 119 page book is a participant memento, and not currently for resale to the public, but maybe one day soon. Congratulations all, and thank you for the positive feedback!

Tapestry in Words


A contributor’s comment about the printed book: “Tapestry in Words is wonderful. I cannot begin to thank ZinZang Studio enough for taking on this project. What a wonderful gift to all of us.” – June Harding, Cercle de Plume Writers Group

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Reasons Ecommerce Businesses Need an SSL

Reasons to get an SSL

  • Build online trust with potential customers
  • Protect your businesses liability
  • Protect your customer’s information


Why your ecommerce business needs an SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

SSL encrypts data personally identifiable information like credit cards numbers and prevents the maliciously inclined from stealing personal information. An SSL protected page has an address begins with “https” and usually has a padlock icon (or similar icon) at the bottom of the page or in the address bar of your web browser.

Your browser encrypts the data and sends to the receiving website. A browser by itself cannot secure the entire transaction and that’s why it’s imperative for ecommerce website developers to do their part in educating their clients about SSL’s.

How do SSL Certificates work?

The SSL certificate sits on a secure server to encrypt data and identify the website. The SSL certificate contains information about the certificate holder which helps verify the website belongs to whom it says it belongs to. It also authenticates the domain the certificate was issued to, the name of the Certificate Authority who issued the certificate, the root, and the country where the certificate was issued in.

ZinZang Studio offers SSL’s with:

  • Unlimited Servers per Certificate
  • 256-bit Encryption Strength
  • 99.9% Browser Recognition
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • Extended Validation Green Bar
  • Up to $250,000 Warranty
  • Installation Tool
  • Unlimited Re-issue Period
  • SAN (UCC) Support
  • IDN Support
  • Verification Seal
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Rewards of Pro Bono Design Work

We love to design and we love to support worthy causes, this is why ZinZang Studio does Pro Bono work.  Pro Bono work is typically defined as work done “for the common good”, and is undertaken voluntarily usually without payment.

Applying this term to the field of professional graphic design work, allows us to passionately provide our services to those who are unable to afford them, and/or to support a worthy cause/charity at the same time.

Recently we have had the opportunity to combine both our love of design and the promotion of a worthy cause for the Gene Bew 1st Memorial Fishing Tournament on Chickahominy Lake and provide support for team “Never Give Up” in the Light The Night Walk™ for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).  We had the pleasure of designing the event flyers, and postcard reminders for the event.


“Thank you for the help with the post cards for the tournament, you guys are the best!” — Tami Bew, Event Coordinator